Purge Monsters

About Us


Meet our founder

 Purge Monsters was founded by Stacey Lewis after helping her grandmother move into an assisted living facility. She realized during the process that everyone has times in their lives when a little extra support can make a big difference.

Purge Monsters is the affectionate nickname Stacey's three children dubbed her when they were still little. At times, they were less than enthusiastic about purging excess items from their lives and would often remind each other to hurry-up and straighten their rooms before the "Purge Monster" (aka Mom) noticed their messes and decided they had too much stuff.

Stacey has a background in office management, bookkeeping, and executive support giving her a unique approach to streamlining processes and simplifying life. She understands that life can be challenging, chaotic, and that order is not always a top priority.

She feels honored to help others declutter their lives, organize their spaces, and rediscover what matters most!


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