Purge Monsters was founded by Stacey Lewis after the experience of moving her Grandmother into an out-of-state assisted living facility during the same week a cherished family member passed away.  “I was so grateful to be in a position to fly in, help with the move, arrange my Grandmother’s belongings in a familiar way, and de-clutter the bulk of her previous home.  I loved being able to help my family and realized that everyone has times in their lives where a little extra support could make a big difference.”


Having raised 3 children and experienced life both as a stay-at-home and working parent, along with a background in bookkeeping and office management, Stacey provides a unique approach to streamlining processes and simplifying life.  “I understand that life can be challenging, chaotic, and that order is not always a top priority and am honored to help my clients in their journeys to de-clutter their lives, organize their spaces, and rediscover what matters most.”


Purge Monsters offers a judgement-free service helping you to organize your home and your life. We work with you to create simple systems, tailored to how you live and think so that you can spend less time feeling frustrated and more time enjoying life.






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